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Knowledge is power. Procuring gas and electric supply for your business is definitely one arena in which we don’t want you to remain uninformed. Misinformation or lack thereof can be costly. Because we are intimately knowledgeable with the supply and demand of energy and natural gas, our goal is to educate you so that you have the tools to make informed decisions.

Sometime the best price is not the best deal. We managage contracts that include bandwidth for your growth and eliminate risk of exceeding your swing.

At NECS our job is to find you the best rate for your electric supply and natural gas. One of our strategies is to engage all of our best supplier connections and create a competitive bidding process for you. This reverse auction technique is where suppliers aggressively bid for the opportunity to sell you their energy supply at their lowest price.
You get fierce competition for your business, transparency of the results, and the best terms and price.

The problem with the traditional method of purchasing is that prices for commodities change hourly. Thus, the rapidly changing variables result in suppliers not initially offering a rock bottom price to you in order to leave room for adjustments.
A live auction eliminates the padding and allows suppliers to offer you their best possible rate. Additionally, because 25 or more companies participate in these real-time auctions, they can see where they need to be in order to beat their competition and win your business. And the contract terms you need are already submitted to them so the prices include what you and your business require.
Companies become emotionally invested in this direct auction in which the need for the middle-men are entirely averted. We are all dealing with the same contract terms which yields cut-throat prices for the customer.

NECS schedules these auctions for days that our analysts and advisors suggest we will get the best price, and we reschedule auctions if the pricing is not where we would like it to be.
If you use 500,000 kWh per month or more you are eligible to enter the auction arena. If you use 1,000,000 kWh and an NECS sponsored auction is able to save you only $0.002 perkWh, that equates to $24,000 a month in savings. Fractions of pennies make a huge difference.

Ask you sales representative today about what this can do for you.

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