Maintenance Innovations

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We represent the top maintenance contract insurance company in the U.S.
Our guaranteed savings process begins with a free audit of your facility and is totally painless.




No Cost Financial Analysis:

  • Onsite audit to determine current Maintenance Expense Baseline
  • Guaranteed savings of 17% to 35%

Spend Under Management:

  • Purchases under Strategic Management vs. Rouge purchases

Cost Avoidance Opportunity:

  • Protect Price over time
  • Delay Price increase
  • Obtain additional services
  • Bio-Med Training


Consolidation of Spend by active suppliers.

  • But maintain vendor of choice (no need to change vendors)


Management Efficiencies:

  • Detailed asset management and equipment performance reports


Realized Savings

  • 17%-35%

Internal Client Satisfaction

  • Department Surveys


Cost Avoidance

  • Consolidation
  • Vendor Management
  • In-House Training


Vendor Performance

  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Delivery


Procurement ROI

  • Comparing Cost Savings to Departments Equipment Operating budget

Cost Services Group is part of the NECS Group of Companies

We are located in Brooklyn, New York at 1274 49th Street Brooklyn NY 11219 Phone: 855.733.1100