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Mayer Orgel is the Chairman, CEO, and Founder of CostServicesGroup , New York City's Metropolitan leading enterprise specializing in Government Tax Abatements for Commercial Real Estate (as of January 2022). Mayer is the hybrid between strategic law and creative deal structure, he has been involved in all phases of CostServicesGroup development since its inception in 2001.  Mayer is always on the premises of a good conversation, he is a passionate advocate for every client's contentment and runs the extra mile in their defense adding extra layers of security. A native Canadian, Mayer resides in Brooklyn. While the stakes are high, Mayer is the productivity guru that incorporates a cultural aspect to the entire office structure.  Outside of CostServicesGroup, some of Mayer's hobbies are spending time with his family, continue growing spiritually, and bringing his EMT diploma into the community in an effort to save people’s lives on a day-to-day basis.