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Mayer Orgel

Mayer Orgel is the Chairman, CEO, and Founder of CostServicesGroup , New York City's Metropolitan leading enterprise specializing in Government Tax Abatements for Commercial Real Estate (as of January 2022). Mayer is the hybrid between strategic law and creative deal structure, he has been involved in all phases of CostServicesGroup development since its inception in 2001.  Mayer is always on the premises of a good conversation, he is a passionate advocate for every client's contentment and runs the extra mile in their defense adding extra layers of security. A native Canadian, Mayer resides in Brooklyn. While the stakes are high, Mayer is the productivity guru that incorporates a cultural aspect to the entire office structure.  Outside of CostServicesGroup, some of Mayer's hobbies are spending time with his family, continue growing spiritually, and bringing his EMT diploma into the community in an effort to save people’s lives on a day-to-day basis.

Moshe Schwartz

Moshe Schwartz is the Executive Chairman, CEO & Co-Founder of CostServicesGroup . Moshe is the master of property acquisitions and expanding the company's portfolio. Moshe's experience has a proven track record, of optimizing any deal exposure with no hurry, rather his center of attention is focused by analyzing the deal delicately with heart if considered an innovative investment. He offers an unmatched level of dedicated service to the company and is highly skilled in lease negotiations. Moshe overviews all business, financial, and management aspects of the company. Also, a native Canadian residing in Brooklyn, Moshe’s hobbies contain travel /visiting family and studying.

Eva Orgel

Eva Orgel is the president of CostServicesGroup. With 20 years of expertise in Human Resources and Operations, Eva is a results-focused leader who delivers talent acquisition, retention, and motivation solutions that help the company harness the full power of one of the most valuable assets – Their People.

Yehudis Kanner

Yehudis Kanner is the Executive Vice President. Yehudis, a hard-working individual has been with the company for over a decade and plays a lead role in the preparation of Tax Abatements/company accounting & financial background. Yehudis is familiar with every service the company has to offer, she is organized to streamline work, maintained, and well versed with accounts payable/receivable & QuickBooks. Yehudis is the pillar of the company. She is a native New Yorker and currently resides in Lakewood NJ.

Rachel Schnitzler

Rachel Schnitzler is the Senior Vice President of CostServicesGroup. She is a multi-task member of the workforce & brilliant overall. Rachel offers a major role in Tax Abatement documentation / Gas & Electric Auctions / benchmarking and more. She has implemented a number of valuable measures in the company, such as training associates overseas / utilizing the best fitting programs. Rachel is vital to the company and unmanageable without her.  She is a Native New Yorker and currently resides in Brooklyn NY.

Hershey Orgel

Hershey Orgel is the Sales Consultant and Executive for CostServicesGroup. Hershy earned a great reputation and consistently proved to clients the ability to sustain a root of satisfaction. He strives to exceed their expectations. Hershey is familiar with the entire sales journey, from generating a client list to pursuing leads to completion to analyzing performance. He is recognized with the top-ranking contract volume at CostServicesGroup. Hershey is a company icon. He is a native Canadian and currently resides in the heart of Brooklyn, NY.